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It was a dream for Lexxa Sunnar to start her own Faction. She had many Endeavors, such as, a small time Freelance Transportation group, while transportation she came across a Ithorian Cultural researcher, that hired her services to travel to a remote planet in hopes of finding a lost Religious group. After finding ruins and evidence,Lexxa walking alone she stumbled across a artifact and released the truth about a lost Species, the Space Dragons. Soon she became involved to the Religion of Draco-nous. Skeltsco followed behind her, as a friend he was did. They worked for many Factions, till they worked for the NR with their ship producer Incom.

While the Division of Ship Producers draw to their collective sides of battle, along side their Governments. During the late 9th year early into the 10th year, two members of Incom Corporation, Lexxa Sunnar and Skeltsco Osseto wanted to make their own Ship Production Faction.

Since they didn't have the funds needed, they made lucrative trades, deals while making new connections and Alliances under their tradering Name Zann Consortium. Funded by the Zann Consortium, they now are free to produce to the public outside the laws of any Government.

This is due to the fact they are producing in a hidden system, when all others refuse to due to Gender, Species, Social status or Religious beliefs, Zann Consortium ShipYards is your faction. But during an untimely death of Lexxa Sunnar on Year 10, Day 215, it was up too Skeltsco to lead the Faction.