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As Governments battle over Galactic control, for Power,Credits and Dictatorship. Zann Consortium, a wretched band of scum and villainy, seeps their way into the flow of monitory credits and power by tipping the scales of power to whomever is the highest bidder.

To achieve this Zann Consortium makes use of Smuggling, Piracy, Racketeering, Corruption and manipulation. Slowly Zann Consortium rises to the top for Smugglers, Pirates and Shady Black Market dealers, proving to become a thorn in other criminal Syndicates as well as Governments that fall prey to these vile scums.

If you want access to this black market, you must know the right people, or pay off the right people. Those who wish to make some shady deals and decent credits on the side (of course, holo disks would mysteriously disappear) by supplying the black market, can be done by contacting the Director of Operations Fox Agnolda or His second in command, Trance Zannagan.

It has been rumored, if you find yourself on the opposing side of these fiends; better barter well, for you might find yourself sold to a Hutt, or worse. They do not care about laws or regulations, yet it is said they work by a strict code of Cliental Honor, binding them to treat any contract as sacrosanct and going to any lengths to fulfill their appointed task.

Their motto should you want to join these Renegades, is as follows, "Join us as a stranger, live among friends...(keep a blaster near you at all times)."